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African drumming is exciting, powerful, empowering & fun!

Beats-working organisation is committed to provide quality African hand drumming workshops.

Beats-working aims to:

Encourage community & cultural cohesion 

Develop and support musicianship skills

Meet the needs of all participants regardless of ability

Generate achievement

Beats-working offers:

Corporate team building and stress busting programmes

Community workshops for local groups, Clubs, Care centres Hospitals.

Festival & Event workshops

Schools programmes, Teacher training for trainees and practicing teachers. Including Nursery teachers,Out of hours sessions e.g. After school clubs

The beats-working team are fully qualified with years of experience in the field of training , education and development.

We use tried and tested methods of facilitation in order for clients to achieve maximum potential.

Drumming is taught in a relaxed step by step progression. We avoid the use of written notation and complex non-traditional methods.                                                       


About Steve Haden

Steve has been drumming since the age of 3. He has travelled extensively throughout West Africa obtaining numerous rhythms, songs and cultural information to pass on to Steve's students and clients. Beats-working has been in business since 1995. Steve has taught over 8.000 people to drum throughout the U.K and Europe. Steve has studied with Master drummers Mamady Keita, Famoudou Konate` Nansady Keita, Seckou Keita, Magatte Dieng and many others.

Steve plays professionaly with 'Sodeya' and  his own group 'Afrodisiac'  playing in numerous festivals throughout the U.K and Africa eg. Edinburgh fringe festival, Sunerland international festival, Knockengorrock festival, Traquair fair plus many more. He organised the first and only drumming festival in Scotland 'African drum village' now in its 8th year and now stretched to a 5 day festival. With teaches from all over Africa. Many teachers say it is 'THE' festival to go to.  

Tel: Mobile: 07971535099

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